Celebrating With Champagne Cocktails


champagne cocktails

Enjoying a champagne cocktail is one of the few pleasures in life that many people love. Each drink has its own peculiarity and history but for many years champagne has played a key part of celebration in many countries and cultures. It also has a romantic image as numerous movies and novels have shown couples who are in love sharing intimate moments with champagne. As far as champagne cocktails are concerned, there are options for every occasion. There are twist and variants to its recipe, and there are regions which have introduced their own mix.

There are many cocktails which make use of fruits either in juice form or also for garnishing in champagne cocktails. Other types of alcoholic beverages, like brandy, whisky, etc. are also used in making the champagne cocktails. These cocktails also get served at a particular time like pre-dinner and after dinner. Champagne cocktails also sport names like Harvey Wallbanger, Irish Coffee, Screwdriver, and Tequila Sunrise, these are just few examples, there are huge number of them and each country has their own additions and deletions. Most of them are served chilled along with meals and snacks. Nice glasses also help in proper enjoyment of the drinks; champagne is often served in long slender sparkling clear glasses.

One thing about champagne and its associated cocktails is very clear, the moment its name is mentioned it creates an image of a nice time and relaxed atmosphere. This feeling is shared by the millions who truly cherish its goodness. Champagne has an aura around it which relaxes anybody’s nerves the moment he or she holds a glass of it in their hand, with sparkling promising liquid in it, which has a fame to reckon with. Since ancient times, champagne has been a favorite of young and not so old couples who are in love, to share their moments with intoxicating taste and effect of it. Love and champagne together make a formidable cocktail, which is sworn by many as the ultimate pleasure of life.

Good drinks like champagne and various cocktails are part and parcel of every celebration with important people of your life. A bottle of champagne will turn your thoughts to socializing and finding a person of interest with whom one can share this drink over small talk. Champagne cocktails began as an experiment to renew the monotony of the taste and give a surprise to your taste buds, with the inclusion of other flavors, mainly fruits and spices. Fruits such as oranges, grapes, lemons and pineapple are the most commonly used in champagne cocktails for garnishing and as a mixer. More exotic fruits like Kiwi and cherry have also found their way into the mix for this merry making; actually these fruits change according to local availability and preferences. Below you can find our top 10 list of champagne cocktails to browse at your leisure.