Champagne Drinks

champagne drinks

Champagne has come a long way in its refinement to the great drinks that we have today. Many people who come up with parties cannot stand to exclude champagne cocktails as part of the refreshments for their guests and families. Champagne drinks are finding their popularity in many celebrations and party holdings, including birthdays, weddings, New Year eve parties, among many others. Fireworks and entertainments are among the common activities in such occasions but without a champagne drink aboard, the party would not be termed as “complete.”

There is a variety of champagne drinks from cocktails to the non alcoholic champagne suitable for the underage. There are adults also who would prefer non-alcoholic drinks to the cocktails. Therefore, absence of non alcoholic champagne would make them feel left out of the party. This is a good reason enough to include the non alcoholic champagne in your party as well to make it a memorable occasion for each participant.

Times are dynamic and today there exists a number of recipes that you can use to come up with non-alcoholic treats rather than the ciders. With ingredients like lime, among other locally available ones you are set to go and the time spent in its preparation is negligible. Among the many non alcoholic champagne treats you can blend is a champagne punch made from a number of ingredients including grape juice, soda and the 7-up drink. These ingredients when mixed at proper proportions makes a punch resembling the taste of champagne drinks, with the only exception being that it is not alcoholic. On the contrary, you can purchase the non alcoholic champagne from wine shops to suite your demands for the non-alcoholic champagne.

As for the majority of party attendees, a champagne cocktail is their preference. In that case, you will need a good cocktail recipe to blend the best champagne cocktail for the memorable occasion. The most common ingredients for a perfect champagne cocktail include the champagne wine, brandy, and sugar. Other ingredients are added to obtain different types of champagne cocktails with their unique tastes and flavors. Preparing the classic champagne cocktail involves a series of simple steps:

->   Drop ice cubes into a champagne flute to make it chilled.
->   Add one cube of sugar into the flute.
->  Add about two to three parts of bitters, such as the Angostura and then fill the flute with champagne of your choice.

You can decide to lash it, although it is not that necessary as the effervescence will do the work. However, if you decide to stir, do it gently to avoid overflows. Serve it immediately while still chilled. Take note that the champagne brut is always the last to add on top of the ingredients. The bitters together with brandy provide a refreshing and smoothing feeling hence are major constituents of this cocktail. The champagne brand you select is also a greater contributor because it accounts for a greater part in the cocktail’s flavor hence more pleasant it will be to you and your guests.