Cheap Champagne


There are a great variety of both expensive and inexpensive champagnes available. If price is a concern below we recommend some of the finest but very cheap champagne that you can enjoy.

Roederer Estate Brut-: this is very cheap champagne that is available the price range of approximately $20. It is an Anderson Valley champagne that includes delicacies of California. This sparkler begins with nutty and toasty finally revealing its citrus flavor along with flavors of pear and green apple. Roederer is similar to the Cristal champagne which is a choice of celebrities thereby truly making it a rock-star champagne available at highly affordable rates. This wine is in fact the first sparkling Californian wine that was created and builds on the 200 year tradition of making the finest wine. The taste of Roederer is dependent on 2 elements namely the grape vineyards and addition of the oak-aged wine reserves. Each year the wine producers take some part of best wines and keep them for ageing in oak casks. When they are of 1 to 3 years of age, champagnes from these reserved cellars will be added for blending and creating the multi-vintage cuvee that is found in the traditional Roederer style which is also famous for its depth of flavor, finesse, and body. This champagne debuted in October 1988 and since then it has had a high reputation. The alcohol percentage in it is 12%. According to reviews it has aromas of toast and baked apple that also include a hint of vanilla. Its crisp acidity will reflect a youthful finish and comes with lively honey, croissant, and orange zest flavors.

cheap champagne

Mumm Napa Brut Prestige-: this is cost-effective champagne that is available within a price range of $20. It is cheap champagne that is dry, crisp, sparkling with aromas of citrus and melon. This is complex assemblage of the main Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and opens with great layer of white blossom aromas that will be followed by citrus, melon, stone fruit, and creamy vanilla. Its crisp structure and elegant acidity includes medium-bodied sparkling wine look along with rich and excellent mousse, lingering finish. This comes with fruit character and refreshing acidity that makes it one of the finest food wines. Its alcohol volume is 12.5%.

Freixenet Brut Nature-: this cheap champagne is approximately $9. One part of the world that you cannot ignore when you are discussing about wines is Spain. The champagne version here is cava. Spain makes a few of the finest cavas and they are smooth, dry, and include mineral complexity. This high quality champagne from Brut Nature is entirely made using base wines that have been prepared from juice which is fermented at very low temperatures and finally presented in bottles that are designed specifically for them. Some features of it include ripe fruit, perfectly combined bread yeasts with light notes, well integrated mouse, star bright, and balanced subtle citrus. It is elegant, bright, lavishing, classy, and a perfect choice for all occasions.

These cheap champagnes make excellent choices for all occasions. It is important to note that champagne does not need to be expensive in fact a cheaper bottle of champagne often has the exact same elements as its expensive alternatives. Ultimately the choice of champagne comes down to the drinkers preferred taste regardless of price point.