Various Champagne Glasses


There are different champagne glasses to use when it comes to the consumption of champagne. The choice depends on the convenience that one gets from the use of certain glasses. Some of the common champagne glasses include; the coupe, the flute and the tulip. Before choosing champagne glasses there are a couple of things that one ought to consider. Champagne glasses should be stemmed and have a wide bowl to accommodate champagne. A good champagne glass should also be clear to allow champagne to be clearly seen. The following are some of the champagne glasses available;

The champagne flute is a stemmed glass which is usually tall and its bowl is narrow. This type of champagne glass looks like a narrow glass having the shape of a trumpet. The stem in the champagne flute glasses allows user to enjoy their drink without having to be affected by the current temperature of their drink. At the same time, it enhances comfort. The bowl in champagne flute plays an important role which is to retain carbonation in a user’s drink. The use of the champagne flute is mainly focused on sparkling wines and in some cases can also be used for taking beer. However, the beers to be taken using these champagne glasses are the ones that have been brewed through the use of wild yeast.

Another type of champagne glassware to choose is the champagne coupe which comes with a bowl that is broad, contain stems and they are mostly used in wedding occasions. In some given instances, there are those that find it fun to stack up champagne coupe glasses to build a tower of champagne especially during parties. The large bowl of the champagne coupe is able to retain a good amount of champagne and these glasses are also comfortable. The design of these glasses came into being in the 1930s from where it gained popularity. This is especially because the champagne coupe glasses make it possible for champagne to flow easily through them. The large bowl also allows drinks to lose their carbonation quickly. In the cases where little carbonation is required, then champagne coupe is what to use.

The plastic champagne glassware is another type of glassware to choose especially when hosting an occasion. The plastic champagne glasses can be found in the option of the flute or the coupe champagne glasses. They serve the same purpose as these glasses the only difference being that they are made of plastic. Therefore, they are important when one needs to accommodate a large number of people in their house or party since, plastic champagne glasses are cheaper to acquire as compared to the glass champagne glasses. They are also made available through a variety of sizes and this is to cater for the different needs of different people.

With the idea of the type of glassware to use when taking champagne, one should be in a position to comfortably take their champagne at home. The maintenance of champagne glasses is not much of a problem since; with warm water and soap, all the dirt gets easily cleaned up.