Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne


The brand of Dom Perignon champagne is one that has been referenced to have a unique taste from the time that it started to be manufactured. This is a brand that is prestigious with regards to other champagne products produced by Champagne house Moet and Chandon. This brand of champagne carries the name of Dom Perignon who pioneered the production of the Dom Perignon brand of champagne. He was a Benedictine monk who was skilled in the art of making wine. This brand of champagne is one that has made a mark especially because; it is maintained to be vintage.

This is in the sense that the Dom Perignonchampagne is made in later years and this is what makes it to have better taste. At the same time, all the grape fruits that are used in the production of this brand are harvested from farms at the same year. This is what makes it possible for the manufacturer of this brand to be in a position to maintain the production of this vintage champagne brand. The manufacturer has been able to successfully produce Dom Perignon for a period of forty years. This production span is what has been able to supply the users of this brand with their vintage champagne. There are currently three vintage years that account for the Dom Perignon that is in the market to consume.

Brief History of Dom Perignon brand

The introduction of the Dom Perignon prestigious champagne was done by an Englishman by the name Laurence Venn and this was in the year 1921. However, it was until 1936 that its sale finally began where people were allowed to enjoy this fine brand of champagne. The first consumers of customers of Dom Perignon were Britons. They were actually the customers of the Simon and Bros Company which at that time had made an order of three hundred bottles of Dom Perignon champagne. It was after that sale that customers noted the satisfying and irresistible taste of this wine.

What followed is an increase in the shipment of this wine product to the United Kingdom. The production of Dom Perignon maintained an 18th century bottling style and this extended till the year 1943. The blending of Dom Perignon is what brings out the nice and smooth taste. The blending involves a 50% mixture of Pinot noir and Chardonnay. And to ensure that quality is not compromised, only the finest grapes are processed or selected according to how well they are ripe. When Dom Perignon ages it develops a more provocative taste and a natural scent that only users can describe fully. This is what makes it a different type of French wine product.

Cost of Dom Perignon

The cost of Dom Perignon is directly proportional to the particular brand that one gets to choose. It is also dependent on the time of production since; champagne that was produced in later years has better taste or quality for that matter.  It is important to check at the production time of Dom Perignon champagne so as to determine its cost. Older wines are expensive as compared to those produced in recent years. However, the cost of a bottle of an average Dom Perignon is considerable and worth the investment.

Since the aim of having a Dom Perignon is for one to enjoy the fine taste of this brand, they should not be worried much about the issue of Dom Perignon price. In that case, for an individual who is willing to invest in this specific brand, they ought to save a bit of cash in order to be able to enjoy the unique and satisfying taste of Dom Perignon champagne. The finest berries are used in the production of Dom Perignon to maintain the quality mark of this champagne product.

Further description

It is without doubt that the Dom Perignon 2003 is a product that has been well accepted by users. This is because; this champagne is one that has a physical mark when it is presented to an audience. It has its own natural aroma that brings up the need to have a sip. The production of the Dom Perignon 2003 is focused on smoothness which materializes to an exquisite brand that is satisfying. It also stands out as a brand that represents nobility and this is more so because; its production is based on quality rather than just providing a brand of champagne to consume.

Some of the ingredients incorporated in the Dom Perignon 2003 include vanilla, licorice root among others. These are the ingredients that are responsible for the enriching taste of the Dom Perignon 2003. This brand of 2003 is one that is distinct from other later brands and this is associated with the increased ingredients. At the same time, focus was shifted towards enriching its quality which consumers have appreciated. This is also attributed to the finesse of the producers of the Dom Perignon 2003 brand which has turned out to be a success.

Other brands

The Dom Perignon brand of champagne has a couple of options to choose from apart from the Dom Perignon 2003. This brand is packaged in three quarter litre bottles and is available in various wine outlets. The Rose Dom Perignon is another product that users have seen brewed nicely. This brand is available under several editions such as the Magnus, Wild Panther among other editions to provide consumers with a variety to choose from. It is also brewed in the same way as the Dom Perignon.

The Dom Perignon champagne has been brewed in a number of wine auctions from where various people have been able to acquire prestigious brands such as the Dom Perignon 1921. Other vintage bottles have also been sold through auctions in different parts such as in New York, Hong Kong among other destinations. There are people who find it important to have for themselves bottles of later Dom Perignon bottles so that, they can enjoy their matured taste which develops over time. A lot is invested by such people in order to have a taste of this maturely refined champagne brand.