Korbel Champagne


The beginning of production for Korbel champagne dates back to 1882 where three Czech brothers started making this fine champagne. These three brothers had the name Corbel which they gave the brand of the champagne they made. However, Korbel champagne was later on bought from these three brothers by Adolph Heck in the year 1924. His son then succeeded him in this business and this was in 1974. The following years saw the production of Korbel champagne escalate and this made the production of this champagne among the top in the United States. This champagne is composed of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, French Colombard and Chenin Blanc.

The increasing production is as a result of the increasing consumption in this region. The producer of Korbel Champagne is situated in California from where all the wine processing takes place. Corbel Cellars mainly focus on the production of sparkling wine products and is responsible for the sale of most of the sparkling wine products in the United States. This explains why Korbel Champagne is a sparkling wine that is greatly appreciated. This Korbel Wine California Company is a branch of the initial Corbel brothers company which initiated the idea of the Korbel Champagne. At the same time, is has been able to pursue the production of brandy among other wines such as the ones labeled still. This is to cater to the demand of these products from its consumers.

Products Sold

The main products sold by the Korbel Champagne firm are those under the tag champagne although in the United States, they are identified as sparkling wines. The location of the grapes used is also given on the products made. This company also uses other brands such as the California Champagne and the Russian Rift Valley Champagne. These are the two main labels that are used to identify the Korbel Champagne while in the United States. This company prides itself for being able to produce nice brands of sparkling wine in both the United States and in Russia. This is something that one will note once they visit the Korbel Champagne website where there is a statement describing the many years of champagne production.

There are a variety of wines that are produced by Korbel Champagne firm. Some of these wines include; Kenwood, Pininfarina, Valley of the Moon as well as the Lake of Sonoma Winery. Korbel and Bros Company responsible for Korbel Champagne production are privately owned. The supply of its products in the United States is mainly handled by Brown-Forman. The aim of this company is to supply quality and a refreshing taste to its consumers

Areas of Application

The idea of Korbel Champagne was to provide a wide area of use for the consumers and thus enhance the convenience factor. This champagne has found various uses in occasions such as weddings and celebrations in general. People enjoy Korbel Champagne which explains its use in various social gatherings. Its use is also tied to the fact that its quality is something that has been refined throughout the years that it has been produced. Some people find the use of wine in their meals where in that case, Korbel Champagne is also a product used in meals.

This champagne can be paired with quite a variety of foods for instance; chicken among other foods. It is also compatible with a long list of fruits such as fresh mango. Korbel Champagne is a non vintage wine that is full of richness which is why a good number of consumers find it the right product to use in their celebrations for instance anniversaries. It is blended and sifted to make good champagne which lovers of wine can attest to. It is also accommodating since; it can be used alongside a couple of dishes and fruits depending on the consumers’ preference.

More about Korbel Champagne

The Korbel Champagne comes with a couple of tastes and this is to take care of the different taste preferences that consumers may have. Some of the flavors that one can identify include citrus, apple tastes among others. The ingredients of Korbel Champagne are balanced properly and this is to ensure that, its taste comes out right. The location of the production of this finely balanced champagne is due to the location of various viticulture areas in California. This is what provides the needed raw materials and thus support champagne brewing.

The reason why Korbel Champagne is considered a non vintage wine is because; it consists of a blend of various vintage wines. The makers of this champagne have thus been keeping a consistency in the taste of this champagne. This gives them the advantage of being in a position to enjoy flexibility when blending their champagne. And in the end they have been able to achieve consistency in Korbel Champagne with every production year. This has as well supported improved brewing which is explained by the increasing rate of production yearly.

Cost Factor

The cost of champagne is a factor that dictates how well consumers will access it with ease. The Korbel Champagne price has been looked at where it has been made affordable and consumers are thus comfortable with its use. This is what has led to the high use of the brandy made by Korbel Champagne producers. It is preferred due to its crisp taste which consumers find entirely appropriate. They are thus left to enjoy their favorite champagne and brandy without having to be crippled by the issue of Korbel Champagne price.

This is an advantage that consumers of Korbel Champagne get to enjoy when they choose this particular product. The French brewing technique employed produces richness without having to necessarily raise the cost of selling this sparkling wine. All the quality aspects associated with Korbel Champagne, have made it to become a popular product used in major occasions. For instance; this wine has been served in six presidential inauguration ceremonies in the United States. It is also worth noting that it was also served at the inauguration of Barack Obama as the president of the United States on the 20th of January in 2009.