Non Alcoholic Champagne


Champagne is a great occasional drink to be offered out to guests or participants. No doubt in many minds that this particular drink has become the number one for such occasions and special moments. Although when it comes to alcohol there are just some of us that do not drink it for a wide range of reasons, in particular moments where we would like to but just can’t or dare to. These situations can isolate or make some left out when a champagne toast is being made and some are left holding a less special drink for the occasion. Non alcoholic champagne fits perfectly into these situations.

Buying Non Alcoholic Champagne

Searching for champagne is not hard…when you are looking for the proper alcoholic champagne! Non alcoholic champagne always brings difficulty when some of us plan on buying it. For this reason the following shows just a few non alcoholic champagnes available today, now those guests can fit right in:


Kristian Regale Sparkling Beverages

Swedish recipes, holding great and healthy ingredients with no artificial colourings or preservatives. Kristian Regal drinks contain the best natural ingredients to create light and refreshing drinks. Great for Non alcoholic champagne for special occasions or just a refreshing drink when you need one, available in a range of flavours!

Twelve Sparkling Beverages

Created by a chef to produce a fruitful and sparkling beverage free of alcohol. Twelve Beverages produce different flavours all of which are perfected and packed full of flavours.

S. Martinelli & Co. Sparkling Cider

Perhaps you want to add a little more diversity in drink selection then go for some non alcoholic cider. Made from natural ingredients with no added sugars or preservatives it makes a great selection for those who prefer or just like the taste of cider. Buy a 12 pack for only $30!

Non Alcoholic Champagne contains Alcohol?

Surprising and actual confusing there are various terms for champagne relating to low or alcohol free. Alcohol free champagne should not contain any alcohol at all! Non alcoholic champagne however may in fact contain low traces of alcohol. Roughly lower or equal to 0.05%. Low alcohol beverages can actually contain up to 1.2% and de-alcoholised can also contain around 0.05%. Whenever you are buying these types of beverages always ensure by checking the labels to check the alcoholic volumes!

Is Non Alcoholic Champagnes Ok To Drink During Pregnancy?

Ultimately no, anything that contains alcoholic value should not be taken during pregnancy. As described above non alcoholic champagne can contain anywhere up to 0.05% and therefore contains alcohol. Of course if you read the description on the products label and find no alcohol content then no problem in drinking it.

When it comes to pregnancy you may hear various answers to both yes and no. In fact there is not much real hard evidence on drinking low volumes of alcohol won’t affect your child. Different woman will have different effects to consumption of alcohol, not everyone is the same. What happens is your body will break down the alcohol but different individuals will break down the alcohol at different rates. If your body breaks down alcohol slower it will stay in your system for longer causing a higher risk of health problems to your child.

Doctors may say drinking very little doses won’t harm you but really it can, and let’s face it why would you want to take that risk? It will affect us differently and there is not enough research and proven evidence to say it won’t, hence ultimately the answer should be no!