Popular Champagne Brands

champagne brands

Champagne traces its origin in the 5th century among the French. Its invention is accounted to the monks in St. Claire’s abbey. At that time, it was used for Eucharistic purposes. It was also used by the French for anointing the royalty. Claims have it that Dom Perignon is the inventor of champagnebut the truth is that he is not the inventor but he accounted for the processes of production that improved the quality of the wine. Some of those processes, including the replacement of the wine collar with the cork, are in use up to the present time.

Champagnehas undergone a lot of improvement over the centuries and today there are variety of fine champagne brandsknown to the world of luxury and relaxation. Champagneis more than wine, it is fine and sparkling wine. Actually, you can roam around to find suitable words to describe it without success. It is one of the best known wines of all times, not because of its old age history, but due to the variety of fine tastes it offers. A saying goes that luxury is no better without a glass of champange onboard. The wine related to celebration and joy, it is a unique drink different from other alcoholic drinks.

Champagnesuits all purposes, from use in wedding celebrations, birthday parties and other special occasions that bring special memories in our minds. Some of the popular champagne brands on existence include:

Dom Perignon Brand

When fine luxury and comfort comes into thought, intellectuals give credit to this champagne brand. This simply because Dom Perignon is the guy behind the fine luxury and relaxation. This sparkling wine has been in use for centuries and it still holds the fine and smooth taste in the history of champagne.

Moet & Chandon Brand

It is one of the most expensive brands of champagne among other brands, with the good years vintage ranging from $150 while the excellent years vintages are priced as from $350. This brand is accredited to the Moet & Chandon Company back in the 1750’s. It is blended from some of the well known production processes accredited to Dom Perignon, the Benedictine monk at St. Claire. The wine is related to the popular names like Napoleon. In the present time, the beverage is still the finest and its expensive price still holds true to its true taste.

Bollinger champagne

It is a rare one of its type in France. Champagne brands have been lately pushed under corporates but this brand has been a standalone under a family. This brand is produced from the black grapes and has a fine fruity flavor together with the firm, dry and brittle taste. It is known to have been produced from the Alexander Valley where the Pinot Noir wine grape comes from. Its fruity and sweet flavor makes it favorable for family and friends parties as well.

Perrier Jouet champagne

This popular champagne brand is a favorite to many due to its pear taste. It comes along with beautifully decorated bottles. It has a creamy touch. This brand has come a long way in its improvement from back in time when it was related to headaches to the present time when it is just sweeter, sparkling, and irresistible. It has a fair price tag that relates to its fine pear taste, at $45. Considering its content and not the price tag, you are sure to get good impression for this brand.

Taittinger champagne

Its bottle is decorated with the Theobald I seal giving it a royal touch. It is made from the Chardonnay wine grapes popular to the Cyprus in France. Some of the wines under this brand however have a combination of the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir wine grapes. The 2005 Comtes de Champagne Rose has a combination of the two grapes at a percentage of 70 and 30 respectively. Its flavor features the red berry and the pear.

Krug champagne

This brand is entirely made of the Pinot Noir to give it a fine and great taste. Krug champagne’s flavor is integrated into a number of fruits including the raspberry and blackberry. Its vintage is dated back in the early 1998 in Clos de Ambonnay where the grapes were under cellar confinement for up to twelve years to give it a true and natural taste.

Salon champagne

This brand has one of the most carefully crafted champagnes of all times. Salon champagne gives a warm focus due to its charming effervescence. The recent vintage was produced in the year 1997 and received a warm welcome from intellectuals. It is suitable for great memorable occasions.

Louis Roederer champagne

This brand is well known for producing great vintages which are pocket friendly. Some of the vintages like the NV Brut come in great attractive bottles and fabulous tastes at cost friendly price. If you never tried this brand, you are sure to have a treat. It is packed with beautiful flower and a caramel flavor and color for an unforgettable toast of a lifetime. Its price is good enough for a respectable bottle of champange, at about $65.

Cristal champagne is also produced by Louis Roederer. It has a golden color attribute and a honey shade that lingers on to your party tables. It is accredited to the Louis family of the Champagne region in France. It is a delightful drink well suited for partying in family gatherings and friends meetings. It has been featured in a number of James Bond films and for that matter, it has been labeled the ‘James Bond champagne’.

Veuve Clicquot champagne

Here comes another fine French champagne brand. It has a golden brut. La Grande Dame is among its well known vintages of all times, with effervescence that gets you into the mood. This vintage, alongside other vintages of Veuve Clicquot have a respectable price label that matches their consistency in great taste and flavor. You can purchase this brand at $50 for a great and pleasant feeling.